Clivan excited about having own home


HEALTH inspector Clivan Naha is relieved and grateful that he can now own a land to build a home where he can raise his five beautiful daughters.
“To have a home for the girls is very important for us as parents in terms of their safety. They need to have a home where they can grow up comfortably and go to school.”
And he thanks his employer the National Capital District Commission for its home ownership scheme initiative which is allowing heads of families such as him to have their own land titles and homes.
Clivan, 42, is from Megunagu village in the Bena district of Eastern Highlands.
He has been working with City Hall for 15 years as a health inspector.
Clivan, wife Keron who is a school teacher, and their five girls, have been living in rented homes. They will be moving to their Morata Two home soon after Clivan was, with 77 other work colleagues, given land titles under the home ownership scheme in Port Moresby last week.
“Like everybody else in the city, nowadays it’s very hard to find affordable accommodation. Most of the accommodation are expensive. So we have been living in the settlements.

“ To have a home for the girls is very important for us as parents in terms of their safety. They need to have a home where they can grow up comfortably and go to school.”

“Currently we are living in a rental property at Tokarara. But will be moving to our new residence at Morata Two where the housing scheme is.”
Wife Keron Lavea is a teacher at the Hagara Primary School. Their five daughters are aged 13, 10, 9, 3 and 1.
Clivan joined the National Capital District Commission as a health inspector in 2005, after graduating from the Paramedical College at the Divine Word University the previous year.

Clivan Naha receiving his land title certificate from National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop – Nationalpics by ZEDAIAH KANAU

As a health inspector, he is tasked to inspect business houses, residential areas and public places to ensure that everyone is complying with public health regulations.
He is also one of those monitoring animal control in the capital city. Clivan is happy that having his own home will be good for the upbringing, and more importantly safety, of his daughters. He wants them to be brought up in a comfortable, clean and secure environment.
Wife Keron thanks her husband’s employer for providing her family their own home.
“I’m really happy about the scheme that gave us the house. At the moment we are moving around from place to place looking for accommodation. Therefore we are lucky that the NCDC has provided this scheme which would benefit us.”
Days of living in a home owned by someone else are over. With the land they can claim as their own, the Naha family are happy to invest in and own something in the busy and expanding metropolis called Port Moresby.
They say that home is where the heart is, and the Naha are ready to start a new chapter in their lives at Morata Two.
Clivan is relieved and excited.
“The most important thing in life is shelter. Once you have a proper shelter, then you can go to work and come back knowing that your family is properly accommodated and safe.”

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