Closed ATS roundabout


THIS is an open letter addressed to the Member for Moresby North West, John Kaupa.
Minster Kaupa, you are the people’s representative in the legislative arm of government mandated to legislate for your electorate in matters concerning public policy and considerations regarding public interest.
As per your officiating position, you are mandated to give directions as and when required, especially when important interests are at stake.
An important concern regarding a public policy consideration is the closure of the ATS roundabout.
This roundabout serves an important function in the proper direction and flow of traffic, minimising traffic congestion around U-turns.
Residents who rely on this roundabout are those living at Kennedy Estate, DCA Compound, Sky View Estate, ATS army barracks, ATS Settlement, Glory Estate and Paraia Block.
These communities each respectively number at least an average of 40,000 denizens who daily use this roundabout.
The closure has resulted in extra fuel costs, accidents and near accidents, and imminent threat of accident to the travelling public, especially those using public buses.
As such, I call on you Minister Kaupa to fulfil your mandated obligation and order the re-opening of this roundabout.
Thank you and looking forward to your important decision on this matter.

Brian Lora

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