Closed school rebuilds toilets, resumes classes

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A SCHOOL closed by health authorities a month ago because of poor sanitary conditions has rebuilt the toilets and is getting students back to classes.
Thomas Yalbees, the chairman of the parents and council body at the Wardstrip Demonstration Primary School in Port Moresby said the school had to be closed so that the toilets could be fixed.
“Toilet facilities built some 22 years ago were in poor condition,” he said.
“That’s why heath inspectors closed the school which affected the students academically.
“We had an urgent meeting attended by more than 500 parents who agreed to take ownership (of the problem).
“The majority of the parents were concerned about their kids and paid fees agreed to.
“This helped the school to start the project.”
Yalbees said some of the parents were yet to pay their dues and this delaying the completion of the project.
“There are 10 toilets under construction – five for boys and five for girls,” he said.
Classes resumed on Monday.
“Subsidy from the Government is insufficient for any project and parents are taking this initiative by paying K100 as their project fees to help the school.”
Yalbees appealed to business houses, the National Capital District Commission and Moresby North East MP to help the school.
“Education of our kids should be our priority and since parents are taking this initiative, we need support to help complete the project to avoid distracting students from their learning.”