Cloud looms over S.Korean tech startups


SEOUL: South Korea’s tech startup scene is booming, but, as detailed in a new report from The Economist, it’s creating a collision of workplace cultures.
In South Korea, the term “gapjil” is used to describe workplace traditions of forced drinking sessions, long hours, and weekend work.
It’s also used, more broadly, to indicate a neglect of other people’s safety and an abuse of power.
The country’s “chaebol” – prestigious family-owned conglomerates like Samsung and Korean Air – are particularly notorious for gruelling workplace cultures.
Newer tech companies, like messaging service Kakao and search engine and social media platform Naver, have made attempts to distance themselves from gapjil, per The Economist.
These companies are trying to follow in Silicon Valley’s footsteps by promoting meritocracy and flat company cultures. – Insider