Club members view aircraft

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013


MEMBERS of the Hohola Seventh-day Adventist Church Adventurers Club visited the Defence Force air transport wing and inspected its aircraft last Sunday.

A group of 107 Adventures Club members comprising  children, youths and adults had an unforgettable experience as they were guided by air transport wing personnel to view the aircraft on display.

Hohola SDA Adventurers Club secretary Ila Kana said it was a very exciting and an unforgettable experience for them.

Commanding officer Lt-Col Kisokau Powaseu told them the history of the air transport wing of the Defence Force and its roles. 

“It was an enjoyable visit in which all of them got the chance to walk into the PNGDF’S famous Casa and Arawa FP2-021 military aircraft,” he said. 

“They all took turns to learn the different parts of the aircraft and how it works.

“Air transport wing staff were on hand to explain how the aircraft works.”

He said the visitors were excited about what they had learnt and hopefully they would become military pilots later.

“The aim of the visit to ATW Facilities and Hangar is to allow the children the opportunity to learn more about the PNGDF and to appreciate its existence and the part PNGDF plays in nation building and security.”