Club presents 200 birthing kits to support women

Health Watch

Goroka Rotary Club’s president John Onga in 2019 witnessed a mother who nearly died giving birth inside a vehicle but was saved by two village volunteers.
“It was lucky that she was saved but the incident told me the hardship mothers had to go through to deliver,” he said.
“It also told me of the hardship health centres face when delivering babies.”
Onga, who is also Togoba Secondary School principal, said this was why the club donated 200 birthing kits and a wheelchair to the Seventh-day Adventist church that operates the Togoba Health Centre in Western Highlands.
He said some of the kits would be given to the Mt Hagen Hospital.
Onga said some mothers were experienced in giving birth but young women were less prepared and needed help.
“The school is adjacent to the health facility and thus it is important we work in partnership and help improve facilities in both institutions,” he said.
“We are a charity organisation and we raise funds to assist people and institutions such as schools and health facilities.
“By July, I will become a member of the Mt Hagen Rotary Club and those with a willing heart to help people are welcome to join the club.
“There are many people out there who need our assistance.”
Togoba Health Centre officer-in-charge Sai Haguai said the level two health facility was established in the 1950s and served 22 wards in Hagen Central.
“Currently, we have 11 clinical staff and their colonial houses are deteriorating,” Haguai said.
“We are thankful to such humanitarian organisations that have come to our aid with some vital equipment. The health facility have been providing health care services to the community before Independence and should have been improved.
“Sadly, nothing has been done over the years and it had remained the same with its aging infrastructure.”
Haguai said the facility would be renovated soon with funding from the United Nations.