Clubs urged to submit financial reports

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The National, Friday 18th November 2011

ALL affiliated clubs who fail to submit their financial report, the minute of the election of their office bears will have until end of Dec 31 to do so.
Acting chairman of Port Moresby Rugby League Samson Unagi repeated the call urging all defaulting clubs or they will be kicked out of the competition.
Unagi stressed that under the constitution, they (the clubs) must submit the necessary documents, otherwise the POMRFL board has the right to disqualify them from taking part in the competition.
“If they don’t submit the reports, it is deemed that they are not affiliated to the competition,” he said.
Samson accompanied by his dootball manager McKenzie Maino said the section 15 and section 19 of PRL competition, specified the requirements of the clubs to become affiliates to the league.
The acting chairman said with a full board now been confirmed during the Annual General Meeting last Saturday, there should not be any excuse from the affiliates for slackness in their respective preparations. Everyone should work hard and look forward to a bumper season. It is understood the new board has already met in its first meeting and a working plan is being put in place. 2012 has been labeled, the “Year of Compliance”
He called on everyone associated to the 14 clubs must dedicate their efforts to their club players with a view to giving them the best possible start with full support to improve their position from the 2011 season.
Mr Unagi said this should be an ideal challenge to all clubs to try and lift themselves and eventually lift the general standard of game.