Clubs warned to pay fees or face omission from games


The Port Moresby Soccer Association kicks off its season this weekend, with a strict policy for clubs to pay their registration fees or be omitted from fixtures.
Vice-president Joseph Ealedona said in a statement that while many clubs had complied, others were yet to pay.
He said only teams that have paid some form of fees would be allowed to play on the weekend.
In their executive meeting on Tuesday, they agreed to the following:

  • As per the outcome of the last team delegates’ meeting, clubs must pay K1000 or 50 per cent plus for their respective teams in divisions before they can be slotted into the draw for this weekend;
  • Clubs that don’t pay the amount will not be in the draw;
  • Clubs must pay the said fees by lunch today to be in the draw for this weekend;
  • Clubs that pay their fees after lunch today will be included in next weekend’s games; and,
  • PMSA will call a club delegates’ meeting on May 30.

“We understand the economic situation we all are facing therefore we seek to assist clubs in this manner, however, they must also know that there are costs to host games,” Ealedona said. He said a new format would be implemented, with eight teams each in division except for the fourth, which will have 12 teams.
“PMSA will introduce the league champions format which will see no grand finals,” he said.
“The team with the leading points after the regular rounds will be declared the champions, making each game important.”

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