CMSS Tigers celebrate Joo-wan’s appointment

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CMSS Tigers camp yesterday celebrated the appointment of their South Korean coach Joo-wan Jung as PNG men’s national soccer coach for the 2011 Pacific Games in Noumea, New Caledonia.
Tigers franchise owner Jimmy Kim who was instrumental in getting his NSL coach to the highest coaching job on the land had kept his cool.
Kim is the happiest South Korean man in PNG at the moment as PNG Football Association (PNGFA) kept their word to endorse his nominee,  Jung, at its executive committee meeting on Monday.
Elated Kim said PNGFA had offered Jung the job before the National Soccer League competition went into recess last year and was glad that they confirmed him to the post.
“We not only celebrate here in the country but people from South Korea city of …. Are also celebrating the appointment of one of their sons to the number one coaching job in PNG,” Kim said.
Jung could not be reached for comment as he is still out of the country.
PNGFA president David Chung confirmed that Jung was appointed to the post as the new men’s national soccer coach.
Out of all the coaches selected, he was the most qualified than other national coaches in the running.
Jung’s filled the soccer post after PNGFA had the position filled on adhoc basis with Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Fire coach George Cowie.
Chung said all other positions in men’s and the women’s team would be up for grabs.
In the men’s team, the position of assistant coach and the manager’s position and in the women, Moiyap’s position as women’s coach is up for grab despite of him guiding the team to two successive Pacific Games gold medal wins for the country.
Other positions include the assistant coach and manager.
Chung said the executive meeting had appointed an Australia coach to take care of the U15 women’s side. He will be assisted by PNGFA development officer Taku Niebo and PNGFA women representative Frederica Siwin.