Coal deposit immense: Micah

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

PETROLEUM and Energy Minister Ben Micah says the country has immense potential for coal, although the idea may not be popular with conservationists.
He said there was evidence of coal deposits in Gulf, Southern Highlands and Western.
“The most significant find, of which I had seen myself, is the discovery of black coal from the western part of Gulf province to the foothills of Southern Highlands, and all the way to Western,” Micah said.
“We believe more work will be able to determine the actual size of the coal and how we can develop it.
“As you know, coal is a four-letter word now in the environmental language, so we will need to decide in line with our commitment to the environment as to how we will develop this resource.
“But it is there, discovered, and is one of those resources that we will need to look at in terms of its energy potential and also export-revenue potential.” Coal is one of the unconventional hydrocarbons the Government is looking at to allow for shale gas exploration and production.