Coalition becomes formal organisation

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 THE fight against corruption has taken a step forward as members of the Community Coalition Against Corruption (CCAC) made amendments to its organisational structure.

The new structure will see CCAC as a formalised entity that will focus on its partnership, organisational structure and how to address national issues.

Transparency International PNG director Emily Taule acknowledged the involvement of the coalition and encouraged more organisations to join in the fight against corruption.

She said individuals could not air out their opinions on national matters and it was up to the coalition to do that for the people of Papua New Guinea.

CCAC, in partnership with other organisations, tries to voice the public’s view on national issues and try to address these issues.

 One example was the vote of no confidence where the former ombudsman commissioner Ila Gena, under CCAC, filed a Supreme Court application to determine the constitutionality of parliament’s amendments under Section 145 and 124 of the Constitution not to entertain the vote of no confidence.

The next meeting will be held on Nov 28. The venue is yet to be decided.