Coalition partners to stay with PNC


THE coalition partners of the People’s National Congress (PNC) party have resolved to stay with the mandated government to face the vote of no confidence, general-secretary David Kua says.
“Our coalition partners are standing firm with us and resolute in their determination to face any challenges on the peoples’ mandate. We will go together as a team to face the people again in 2022,” Kua said.
He said the people remained the best judges of the government in terms of development and service delivery.
Kua said Tari-Pori MP James Marape and Enga Governor Sir Peter lpatas, who broke ranks with six other MPs, have not told the country what their underlying reason was besides claiming differences in opinion in policy matters.
“What baffles me is that as experienced and respected leaders of this country, they did not attempt to resolve their difference the Melanesian way in the ‘houseman’ where they were an integral part of,” Kua said.
Marape resigned when Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was on official duties in Kavieng, New Ireland, while Sir Peter and his group left when O’Neill was on another official trip to China.
“As leaders, who were looked up to by young and aspiring politicians and the people, the two men, especially, Sir Peter would have waited for O’Neill to return so that any differences they had could be ironed out in-house like real leaders,” Kua said.

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