Cocoa pod borer a threat in East Sepik

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 COCOA farmers in East Sepik are concerned about the effect of the cocoa pod borer on their crops, a farmer says.

Soli villager, Henry Suaduo said most of the people relied on cocoa for their livelihood.

He said the cocoa pod borer had greatly affected the amount they produced and sold.

They needed the income from cocoa to pay for their children’s school fees and support their families, he said.

Suaduo said the family income had been severely affected because of the effect of the borer.

Some families are starting to look at other options in the agriculture sector but the market for such crops is either inaccessible or hard to find.

That is because of the lack of good roads to transport their produce to the market in Wewak.

Suaduo said it took three hours to walk to the main highway and hopefully catch a PMV to Wewak.

He urged the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to do something about the cocoa pod borer.