Cocoa projects receive funding

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

THREE cocoa projects in East New Britain worth more than K3 million will receive funding from the World Bank under the Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project (PPAP).
The funding is for the Central Inland Baining Cocoa Rehabilitation project led by the Kairak Vudal Resource Training Centre, the Trans-Kareeba Extended project and Ilugi Cocoa Rehabilitation, Extension and Training led by the ENB Development Corporation.
These projects come under the second component of PPAP, which is the Smallholder Grant Scheme that provides for US$17.02 million (K36.17 million).
The PPAP has three components: Institutional Strengthening – US$8.4 million (K17.85 million), Smallholder Grant Scheme – US$17.02 million (K36.17 million), and infrastructure for market access US$13.56 million  (K28.82 million).
It is understood that under component two, funds can be accessed by project submissions from partnerships between groups of small farmers, lead partners through signed contracts and other service providers.
These funds are to fund any activity that will improve the livelihood of smallholder cocoa and coffee farming households through improved production, productivity and quality of cocoa and coffee-based diversified farming systems.
The Central Inland Baining Cocoa Rehabilitation project involves the Kairak Vudal Resource and Training Centre and the Baining Cooperative Society (500 members) with the PNG Cocoa Coconut Institute Ltd and the National Agriculture Research Institute.
The cost of the project is K1,203,600, with a PPAP contribution of K964,392.
The Trans-Kareeba Extended Cocoa Rehabilitation, Extension and Training involve ENBDC and the Trans-Kareeba Extended Farmer Group of 368 members and the project is situated in the Gazelle district of ENB.
The project cost K1,008,538, with a 70% contribution of K705,972 from PPAP
The Ilugi Cocoa Rehabilitation, Extension and Training project includes ENBDC, and the Ilugi Cooperative Society Ltd of 438 members based in Pomio district, Sinivit local level government.
The project cost K1,000,838, with a 70% contribution of K700,586 from PPAP.