Coffee boss wants agriculture sector looked into

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The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 Former Department of Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Anton Benjamin says the agriculture sector has been neglected for too long.

Benjamin, who is now the acting chief executive officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation, said this in Goroka when welcoming increased government support to agriculture, including coffee.

“I think agriculture is now being given the focus it deserves,” Benjamin said.

“The agriculture sector has long been neglected.

“Agriculture is about our rural people. When you don’t touch agriculture, you don’t touch our people. They’re being neglected. 

“People have land, resources, which have much more value than what we’re giving them. 

“We just need to empower them so they can transform the economy.

“Everybody talks about agriculture being the backbone but we’re not providing the support, good policies, and good programmes.”