Coffee buyers out of cash: Goroka dealer

The National,Friday June 17th, 2016

PARCHMENT coffee buyers are running out of cash to take advantage of the product   flooding purchasing locations in the Highlands region, a major dealer says.
Heitch Karrot,  a buyer in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, said more coffee was available than in previous years and buyers were running low on cash.
He said the experience in this coffee peak season was similar to the experience they had  in 2011.
“This year, coffee is coming heavily into the market and money is running out, the banks are also running out of cash as buyers withdraw large amounts,” Karrot said.
He said roadside buyers in Goroka were buying more than 200 parchment bags of coffee each day.
They spend about K60,000 each day.
Karrot, who spent his entire childhood buying coffee, said they were seeing a flooded market since March and were buying for K4 per kilogram.
Coffee is the main cash crop of all the highlands provinces in the country.