Coffee farmers searching for help


COFFEE is a commodity that contributes to the country’s economy.
It is a financial backbone for some remote areas and assist alleviate financial burdens such as school fees and so on.
Marawaka in Eastern Highlands is very remote and heavily depend on coffee to pay for goods and services.
As a local student from Marawaka, I have observed the lack of school fee assistance towards the students since last year.
Students from the area went for registration at various institutions with nothing to pay for school fees in the beginning of the year – only bus fares.
As of 2018 to this date, coffee farmers are still searching for help or buyers to sell their coffee parchments. The local MP, through DDA, should intervene and make budget plans to subsidise airfares for Marawaka.
The only way to get store goods, school materials and health supplies is by plane – a few go to Menyamya in Morobe, by road to reach their destination and vice versa.
If the airfare is K350, the district should subsidise K150 so the people can pay K200.
This would a better solution for coffee buyers or government agencies to constantly buy coffee parchments, transport store goods, school materials and health services.

Gemel Wox Wasi
Marawaka- struggler

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