CoI accused to be prosecuted: PM

National, Normal

PEOPLE implicated in the Finance Commission of Inquiry will be prosecuted as the Government starts its crackdown on corruption in the country, Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said yesterday.
Sir Michael said Cabinet had given the nod for him to table the Commission of Inquiry report in this session of Parliament.
“I will table this report in this session of Parliament with recommendations made that I will set up a committee to ensure that people implicated will be prosecuted.”
According to Government sources last night, among those highly implicated in the report were some former and serving heads of departments.
The source said the recommendation might include the serving departmental heads to be terminated for abuse of office, and referred to the Ombudsman Commission and the police for criminal investigations and prosecution.
The Prime Minister said the Commission of Inquiry report stated that there were lots of corruption and misappropriation in departments.
He said, for example, the out of court settlements and who handled those have names of officers printed out and they would be dealt with.
“The report will tell you honestly what has been going on,” Sir Michael said.
The Prime Minister was responding to questions from leader of Opposition Sir Mekere Morauta about the statement made by the Prime Minister during a political rally in Kandep where he acknowledge corruption in the country and blamed public servants as the main culprits.
Sir Mekere pointed out the Prime Minister said corruption was rampant and asked how he was dealing with
corruption issues.
He said the Prime Minister had blamed public servants while a handful of ministers were the worst perpetrators.
Sir Mekere also raised questions over such scandals as the Moti affair, the Taiwan and Singapore deals which the Government had failed to take action.
“How will you lead the fight against corruption?” Sir Mekere asked.
The Prime Minister said he set up a Commission of Inquiry into the Finance and a Report had now came out which have identified certain issues that needed action.