Colleague wounded as thugs pounce on lawmen

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A POLICEMAN was stabbed to death and another wounded when they were attacked while trying to conduct an awareness on crime on Saturday in East Sepik.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Border Command Peter Philip said Senior Constable Tony Mark who died, and Mike Togo, were members of the Mobile Squad from Port Moresby based in Turubu, Angoram.
The incident happened in the Ambunti-Dreikikier district.
Philip confirmed that three police-issued guns were taken by the thugs during the attack.
Mark is from West New Britain.
Both men had been deployed to guard a logging campsite at Elamuli in Tunap, Hunstein.
Police said a woman had approached the policemen guarding the Elamuli logging site on Friday to lodge a domestic violence complaint against her husband.
The policemen went to the couple’s home but the husband fled when he saw the policemen coming.
Police found marijuana in the house.
On Saturday, the policemen left the campsite with employees of the company to Indamin market, three kilometers inland, to conduct an awareness focusing on the law against marijuana and domestic violence.
But as their vehicle stopped at the market, they were surrounded by a group of men armed with knives.
“Wounded officer (Tongo) used his gun to disperse the crowd, shooting three men in the process,” Philip said.
A team of 10 policemen was sent to Elamuli on Saturday.
Philip urged the people to return the guns taken from the police.
“They must return the firearms and the suspects must surrender (otherwise the people) will not be able to vote in the general election,” he said. “Elamuli is a transit point for smuggling activities.
Police are doing their best to send officers to the area.
“The community (must) make sure that the suspects are handed over before I come to East Sepik.”
The area is in East Sepik but close to West Sepik too.
There is no road connecting Elamuli to Vanimo or Aitape.