College’s suspected flu victim flees quarantine

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A FEMALE student from the Gaulim Teachers College in East New Britain province quarantined after displaying flu-like symptoms, managed to flee from campus last week.
It is believed she returned to her family living at the Vunamami Farmers Training Centre in Kokopo.
Chairman of the sub-committee Influenza A(H1N1) Fidelis Bola said he had learned of the matter last Thursday from the school management.
He said under quarantine rules, no student was allowed out of the campus and the student had breached this rule.
Mr Bola said the medical response team located her last Friday and had quarantined her and her family for the safety of the others.
Meanwhile, the province received 2,300 rapid test kits late last week from the medical team to test students suspected of the swine flu-like symptoms.
Mr Bola said 300 rapid test kits would be used for Influenza A and 1,000 kits each for cholera and typhoid.
They were sent to the school to screen the students.
He said technical officers had assessed the water situation and were recommending purchasing a new water pump to solve water sanitation problems.
Students at the college use pit toilets.