College builds new dormitory

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014


STUDENTS attending the new Simbu Teachers College will now have access to use a new dormitory and learn in eight new classrooms built by the college at a total of more than K160,000.

These projects were built from the students tuition fees collected by the college.

These projects have made a big change in the college.

Founding principal Clement Kaupa said that this college was one of the new institutions in the province.

He said it was an initiative of the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Noah Kool to establish the college.

Kaupa said the old training centre that belonged to the Chimbu provincial government was turned into a college.

He said that was why the management had decided to give its priority to infrastructure so that students could have a better place to learn.

“This is the only national institution in the province and the provincial government has taken the initiative to ensure it expands.

“These projects were built using the fees collected from the student’s tuition fees because we see that students need classrooms and dormitories,” Kaupa said.

Kaupa said that the dormitory would be used by the women.

He said that he wanted to take this time to thank the teachers education division for recognising the college financially.

“The provincial government is looking at the infrastructure wisely and that is a great support.

“Chimbu province depends on its human resource because the land is mountainous and is not good for farming.”

Kaupa said that this college is the foundation of strengthening and investing in the human resource through education.

He said the college is struggling  in terms of infrastructure.