College gets K450,000

National, Normal

The National, Monday April 28th, 2014

 MINISTER of Education Nick Kuman has presented K450,000 to the  West New Britain Technical College for an additional dormitory to be built this year.

The funding was presented to BGTee Investment Ltd last week.  BGTee is the company engaged to construct the K1.9 million facilities, two 80-bed dormitories, an ablution block and the dining hall that was commissioned on the same day.

In a small but significant presentation, Kuman said the West New Britain Technical College was the pride of the province and must be looked after at all times.

He said the additions of the new facilities was very important to cater for the increasing number of students.

The WNB Technical College is driven by the Government’s Technical Vocational Training and Education (TVET) policy.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel  said his government was proud to partner with the national government in working towards reaching the objectives set out in the Vision 2050 document.

Muthuvel said because of its relevance to community based socio-economic progress, remained the catchment basin for the increased number of students seen in primary and secondary schools as a result of the Government’s free subsidised education policy.

He said the technical college needed funding from the national Government. 

The provincial government would contribute in the development stages. 

He said the provincial government had allocated K500,000 in 2011.

Muthuvel said his government would provide additional infrastructure for the college.

He presented a seven-tonne truck to transport day students from Hoskins to Mora Mora, where the college is located, which is an hour’s drive away.