College gets support from Indonesia to teach Bahasa language

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Learning the Bahasa language allows students to learn the cultures and traditions of Indonesia, according to a diplomat.
In a recent visit to the Juha College in Port Moresby recently, Achmand Tavid Syah said an Information Technology (IT) teacher from Indonesia would be brought in to teach IT lessons in Bahasa, to boost the competency in learning Bahasa.
Syah is the embassy’s education and culture attaché.
Bahasa is taught at the Juha College as a syllabus in its teaching curriculums.
Syah told the students that Indonesia has a culture of sharing and caring in all family circles.
He encouraged the students to follow the footsteps of Theresa Joku from PNG who would travel to Indonesia at the end of August for a one-year study.
Joku was selected after her application was accepted by the Indonesian Embassy.
School principal Mikus Lapan thanked the backing of the Indonesian Embassy saying, the invitation has created a window of opportunity for students to learn the cultures and traditions of their neighbouring country. He said the global interaction to understand the cultures and traditions of different nations of the world has gone thinner in a sense that there was no pathway to make direct connections with the outside world.
He said through the school’s initiative, they adopted a foreign language to provide students the opportunity to connect with the outside world.
Syah acknowledged the school administration especially, the school director John Sekewa, for teaching Bahasa language as a syllabus apart from the Department of Education’s standard curriculums.
The Bahasa language is taught by West New Irian and now PNG Citizen Manase Lockbre.
He is a registered with the Department of Education.

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