College graduates ready to enter job market

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The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

A TOTAL of 110 Papua New Guineans are now ready to work for  internationally recognised trade and service organisations after graduating from the Australia-Pacific Technical College yesterday.
The latest round of graduates from the institute includes carpenters, electricians, diesel fitters, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics, childcare workers, hairdressers and tour guides.
“These graduates provide PNG with the skills and qualifications needed by today’s employers,” AusAID head in PNG Stephanie Copus-Campbell said.
“This is great news for the graduates themselves, and their families, all of whom will benefit from jobs.
“But more broadly, these skilled graduates will drive PNG’s economy and development.”
Danny Virobo, who works as an electrician at the Naval Base HMPNG­S Basilisk, is among those graduating with a certificate III in systems electrical.
“This training has improved my skills and my work,” he said.
“With the knowledge I can supervise and train junior electricians.”
Rita Omahi, a conference orga­niser and front house worker with the Bird of Paradise Hotel, in Goroka, is graduating with a certificate  in hospitality.
“I think we all have improved our skills, knowledge and standards from this training,” Omahi said.
“I am in a much better position to offer this after attending the APTC.”
Since opening in 2007, the APTC has trained more than 700 students in fields ranging from automotive and construction through to commercial cooking.