College marks seafarers’ day

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The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

PNG Maritime College students held an early morning march in Madang yesterday to celebrate World Seafarers’ Day.
The students in their blue-and-white uniforms marched from the Madang provincial government building to the college at around 5am.
Student Representative Council president Albert Pidi Oala said the purpose of celebrating the day was to thank seafarers for contributing to the world economy and civil society, and for the risks and personal costs they bore while doing their jobs at sea.
“It is a way to recognise that everything that we use in our daily lives has been directly and indirectly affected by sea transport,” Oala said.
He said seafarers were not only responsible for the operations of ships but were also for the safe and smooth delivery of cargoes.
“We seafarers dedicate our lives at sea for many on land, for their wellbeing. We sacrifice our time with our loved ones and sail out in the ocean and work in dangerous environments,” Oala said.
College principal Captain Dabung Kiong said the effectiveness of the modern, global economy depended on the large scale transportation of cargo between locations all over the world.
The students celebrated the day with songs, dances, food and displays.  The college gate was open to the public in Madang to celebrate with the students and the staff.