College of TAFE to open Daru campus

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THE International Education Agency (IEA) College of TAFE is working with the Western provincial government to establish a campus in Daru. 

IEA College of TAFE manager Philip Oakley told The National yesterday the work began three months ago. 

“We see a need to bring education closer to our rural population that we often take in small number of enrolments every year,” Oakley said.

“This will cut down other expenses apart from school fees and students could also secure jobs back in the township after completing their studies.  

“Western Governor Ati Wobiro has been very enthusiastic about this arrangement and has been very helpful so far. 

“We are prepared to kick off early next year as soon as the project is completed. 

Meanwhile, Wobiro thanked IEA for the initiative to open a campus in Daru. 

“We are working on firm negotiations with IEA and hopefully we get the campus running by next year.”