College sends students out for training


MORE than 600 education students at Divine Word University’s St Benedict campus in Wewak, East Sepik, were posted to primary schools around the province for their field practical.
Field training is an annual event were the school send its students out to primary schools to get first-hand teaching experience; it is also part of their assessment.
The training gives students practical experience to manage a classroom, establish networks and build confidence and skills in order to be effective teachers.
This year, a total of 624 education students from first year to third year were posted to primary schools around East Sepik for a month’s field teaching practice.
The students were sent to schools as far as Nuku, Dreikikier, Maprik, Wosera, Yangoru, Kubalia, Wewak Urban (East), Wewak Rural (inland East), Wewak Urban (West), Wewak Rural (West) and Wewak Urban.
Some students left for their assigned schools on Friday and the rest during the weekend accompanied by their supervisors and team leaders.
Meanwhile, the fourth-year education students of St Benedict’s campus also travelled out to do their final research papers.

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