College students exchange gifts as sign of peace


SEPIK and Highlands students attending Madang Teachers’ College gave gifts of food and money yesterday as a sign of peace after their clash on Monday.
The Sepik students gave more than K2000 and a cow as compensation for the Highlands student injured during the clash at the campus which later spilled on to a public road.
The college administration gave three pigs.
Madang Governor Peter Yama commended the college and the students for taking the initiative to solve the problem.
Yama said the students had left their homes and parents to live together as one big family at Madang Teachers’ College. “I am happy to know that they have made peace in a pure Melanesian way,” he said.
Madang police commander Inspector Ben Neneo said an alcohol-related argument between students caused the trouble last weekend.
Classes at the college was suspended and traffic came to a standstill when the main North Coast Road beside the college campus became a battlefield.
Madang acting administrator John Bivi said schools and tertiary institutions in Madang should have strong discipline and strict regulations against alcohol consumption.
Bivi said many school-related fights were alcohol-related.
Classes are expected to resume today.

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