College students plan boycott

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

PORT Moresby Technical College students plan to boycott classes today.
Second-year students undertaking printing and graphic arts courses yesterday said their
action would be over the unavailability of computers and printers since term one.
Student representatives who did not want to be named said the computers were lost after the building housing the assets collapsed.
Students said since January, they had been either placed on job training or left waiting for work to begin on the building.
“It’s already term three and it’s unfair and an uncomfortable feeling of having waited this long to attend classes,” a spokesman said.
“Our parents are thinking we are in class but we in our dormitories waiting for computers and printers.”
Another student said the second-year class had an advantage having learnt both practical and theory lessons compared to first year students who only had theory lessons.
“We are doing this for our year ones as well,” he said.    
They are now giving the college administration until Friday to resolve the matter.
More than 30 first and second-year students plan to lock out the administration to air their grievances.
They said another alternative would be sought if their demands were not met by Friday.    
College officials declined to comment as work was already under way on the building.
They said the students had no case to raise.