College suspects typhoid outbreak

National, Normal

CLASSES at the Mt Hagen Technical College in Western Highlands province were suspended on Monday due to a suspected outbreak of typhoid.
According to unconfirmed reports from student sources, about 60 students contracted what they believe to be typhoid.
The figure is likely to increase after all 400 students, lectures, support staff and their family members went
for a voluntarily blood test yesterday.
Principal John Kiele said the results of the test would be made available today.
He said many students were  complaining of typhoid symptoms when classes were suspended.
Mr Kiele said a team from the Provincial Health Disease Control visited the college and checked the dormitories, water tanks, supplies and collected blood samples from the students, staff and their
family members.
He said that typhoid was caused by water, but was too early to point fingers at who is to blame.
Mr Kiele said that the cause of the problem would be revealed after investigations were complete.
He said the water problem was an on-going issue and this was not the first time the college had been affected by typhoid.
He said many of the students suspected to be infected with typhoid, were given medical treatment, however, no students were admitted at the Mt Hagen Hospital.
Mr Kiele said the suspension of classes  would be indefinite.
The staff of Mt Hagen General Hospital, who tested blood samples, did not release any information when approached by The National.
They said the test conducted was confidential and they were not allowed to release the results to the media.