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Perfect timing
The change to the health secretary’s position came soon after new the minister walked in. Such perfect timing.
Mind game
The mind game has started between Blues coach Brad Fitler and Maroons coach Wayne Bennett. Their choice of players for the State of Origin series is mind-boggling.
Spider man
When you hit a spider and it runs behind the bed, you have no choice but create an impromptu “bed”.
Hike in Western
The number of Covid-19 cases in Western, which is next door to Indonesia, is quickly approaching the 200 mark. We can safely conclude where the transmission is coming from. Border crossings must be stopped.
Cashless payment
A wise move by the Road Traffic Authority to have its officers collect fines by using electronic fund transfer at point of sale (eftpos) machines instead of cash. Safeguards all.
Flies have it
While the televised debate between US Vice-President Mike Pence and Democrat nominee Senator Kamala Harris yesterday was comparatively tame, there were moments that stood out, especially on social media. Most prominent were the two minutes when a fly rested on Pence’s well-combed white hair. Pence did not flinch. The internet exploded.
Food for thought
Never believe the lines on your hands which predict your future because people with no hands also have a future. Believe in yourself.
Top quote
“Our policing in the city needs progressing and we need to continue to push for having a safe city, I want to see girls walk the streets at night without harassment.” – National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.

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