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Public transport
From a reader: Whoever coined the public motor vehicles (PMV) name years ago must have meant public transport vehicles (PTV). A vehicle has a motor (engine). Motor, the redundant word, should be replaced by transport.
Finally caught
The big roundabout at Eight-Mile was a busy scene yesterday morning when road traffic police officers unexpectedly turned up. Full buses speeding down from Nine-Mile had nowhere to hide.
No questions
The visit by the four gentlemen who arrived on a private jet this week from Hong Kong has raised a lot of eyebrows. They did not take any questions from reporters during an event they featured in on Tuesday in Port Moresby. They were quickly ushered away by local security people. Fishy.
Great pretender
How convenient the mobile phone is when you unexpectedly meet your ex or a person you have been trying to avoid. Out immediately comes your mobile phone with you pretending to be answering a call. Coward.
Broncos games
What a relief. They have finally moved the Broncos matches away from Thursday nights. Television networks should stop dictating to teams what day they should be playing. So bring on the Titans on Saturday.
Amazing grace
You must have heard about the Christian bookshop located right in the middle of a big market completed recently destroyed by fire in the capital city of a Pacific nation. The raging inferno left the shop and all the religious books inside untouched.
Food for thought
Share what little you have. One small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone who needs help.
Top quote
“We close our eyes when we pray, when we cry, when we kiss, when we dream because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by the heart.”

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