Come clean, PSTC

Letters, Normal

The National

MANY Papua New Guineans have wondered where the Professional Staff Training College (PSTC) has gone to after its indefinite closure early this year.
This institution has been facilitating a number of Cambridge International College programmes, especially in business and management, and has educated a good number of professionals from both public and private sectors.
Some months ago, the executive director, Hicks Laeka, came out in the media advising displaced students that the college has moved to the Granville area in Six-Mile and will resume in June.
Nothing has happened since and students and staff are wondering what is happening.
To date, many students have complained about paying thousands of kina and not receiving their educational services.
At least for one student, the bank statements have indicated a payment of about K10,500.
I hope the money in the PSTC students’ account has not been used up.
It is criminal and sinful to use other people’s money without delivering services.
It would have been of good faith to start refunding money.
The blame is not solely on you, Mr Laeka, but you have the mandated responsibility to update the public of the progress of PSTC, especially the students who have enrolled in your programmes.
I have a suggestion for you.
If your clients are still hoping to complete their courses, then PSTC should work something out like a temporary arrangement where courses are completed directly on-line or mail through Cambridge International College in UK, while waiting to resume normal operations here.
I also would like to tell Mr Laeka that a good number of graduates in the workforce have a lot of respect for him and we look forward to see the progress of PSTC in future.


Concerned sponsor
Port Moresby