Come forward and prove me wrong

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 OK Tedi Mine’s future is at stake and the PNG Sustainable Development Programme continuation has crumbled. 

Where is the MP for North Fly Boka Kondra when he is needed most?

Now that his  services are required most, he is quiet on the issue.

I am also  surprised  to see  that  the  landowners  are  with the prime minister showing their support for the government taking ownership of the Ok Tedi Mine Ltd.

Let me make an analogy here and I invite anyone who knows something about it to correct me. 

The government has an Exim Bank loan arrangement in the pipeline. 

While at the same time, the government has awarded a number of major contracts worth millions of  kina  to the Chinese owned companies in the country. 

Along the same line, the government is vigorously battling to take over the Ok Tedi Mine.

We all know that the future generation funds of Ok Tedi have K2 billion in its trust account. So at the end of the equation, is the government, after taking ownership of  the mine, trying to produce  the K2 billion as collateral  or surety for the K6 billion Exim Bank loan? 

Is the awarding of several questionable contracts to Chinese owned companies an inducement either?

What is  all the  logic in all these restless  media baffles between stakeholders of Ok Tedi, PNGSDP and the government?

I maybe speculating but if any logic behind scene is true in any sense, I think this could hold enough water to carry weight.