Come, get your bounty

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The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


THE people who tipped off police on the whereabouts of escapees William Kapris and Raphael Walimini leading to the shoot-out will be paid K200,000.

Police are waiting for the “person or persons” to contact them and receive the bounty offered for their recapture.

Kapris and Walimini, who escaped with another inmate from Bomana prison on May 14, had been on the run until they were cornered and shot last Monday.

Assistant Police Commissioner Jim Andrews said “the bounty is with the commissioner awaiting persons to contact police to pick up the amount from him”.

He said the identity of the “person or persons” will be kept confidential and the bounty could be handed over at a secret venue to protect them.

Police increased the bounty from K50,000 to K100,000 each to encourage people to help in their recapture.

Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Simon Kauba said the bounty was offered by the state to help police during the manhunt.