Come together, end tribal fights


BEFORE the 2011 massacre in Kainantu, the town was known for law and order problems.
It was referred to as a “cowboy town”.
Since the 2011 massacre, law and order issues have been going out of control.
The current rising tribal conflict and violence shows how ineffective Kainantu authorities are in handling law and order issues.
After 45 years of independence, issues relating to law and order remain the district’s biggest worry.
It is time to gather public opinion on how best to address this issue.
Comparatively, Mendi town, in Southern Highlands, and Wabag town, in Enga, are facing similar challenges with law and order issues despite resources spent in ensuring safer communities.
I see that the issue is beyond the authorities’ control.
The authorities, police, warring tribes and leaders should agree to sit down and discuss how best to put an end to all these fights.
These tribal fights are having negative effects on businesses and affecting development.
I understand that it will be difficult to totally stop tribes from fighting against each other but if they can come together and agree upon something, things will change.

Alex H Jafa,
City Watch Inc

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  • Disperse the population o that they will have the strength to do anything of such. what are the churches doing in these areas, I believe this place dominated by SDAs

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