Commander’s house emptied of contents

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THE Flag Staff House –  the official residence of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander at Murray Barracks – is empty.
All its contents – furniture, white goods, curtains, cooking utensils, cutlery, chinaware, lounge chairs and other goods in the house have been removed.
The new commander of the PNGDF Brig-Gen Francis Agwi, who was appointed to the top defence force post last December, is still unable to move in because of this, sources close to him at Murray Barracks said.
A top Defence source said last Friday that Gen Agwi wanted to know where all the goods belonging to the official residence, which were paid for by the State, had been taken to and by whom.
Former PNGDF Commander Peter Ilau was the last occupant of the residence and moved out after the appointment of Gen Agwi.
The sources said Gen Agwi was still living in his “run down colonel’s house” unable to move into the Flag Staff House because it was empty.
“He cannot do much because there are no funds to buy new things for the Flag Staff House,” the sources said.
Former PNGDF commander Major-Gen Jerry Singirok (retired) said last Friday that the Flag Staff House was fully furnished by the State for the commander’s official and private use while he held that top post.
“Everything in there – all furniture, white goods, plates, cups, spoons, curtains, beds, mattresses, washing machines, refrigerators, lounge chairs, dining table and chairs, just about everything in that house belongs to the State and is there for the use of the commander and should not be moved.
“When I was there, I had only a few belongings which my family took with us when I vacated the office. Everything else stayed,” Gen Singirok said.
Gen Singirok called on Commodore Ilau to explain the whereabouts of the Flag Staff furniture as well as the commander’s official support vehicle.