Commander issues warning to locals


CONDUCTING village trials and attacking suspected sorcerers is illegal, Morobe police commander Augustine Wampe says.
He made the comments after a man sought refuge at a rural police station in Morobe last week when he was attacked by fellow villagers who suspected him of practicing sorcery.
Wampe said sorcery-related violence, which had been a common practice in the Highlands, has now reached the coastal areas. “Killings and sorcery-related trials are usually practiced in remote villages in the Highlands, however, the practice has found its way into coastal communities in recent years.”
He said it was against the law to attack or kill anyone for practising sorcery as the Sorcery Act has been repealed by Parliament.
Wampe urged people not to conduct sorcery trials or take the law into their own hands.
“Any sorcery-related complaints or matters should be reported to police with evidences. You could be arrested for murder if you decide to take the law in your hands,” he warned.
According to police reports two men were kidnapped and tortured to death after being accused of practising sorcery in a remote village in Kabwum in April while another was killed in Wantoat in Markham in May.