Commander Kiddy Keko’s Independence message


There have been many training programmes under the partnership of many organisations with the CS at Bomana for the sole purpose of rehabilitation of the inmates.
In comparison to all those other trainings that the inmates have undergone in the past, HDI’s Personal Viability and the Game of Money Training programmes are so unique in a sense that the very skills and knowledge imparted are put into practice.
We have gone through so much of teaching the knowledge and skills and we forget the most integral part of any training and that is giving the opportunity to practice what has been taught.
Over time we are actually making an ordinary person become extraordinary which automatically makes them feel that yes, they are somebody that matters to the environment and the people their world revolves around.
The only way you can make sure someone reaches and realises his/her full potential is through coaching that HDI is also able to provide for the inmates.
Most of the other trainings give you the knowledge and skills and a certificate and that is the end of the road for the participants. In other words they are only given a glimpse of what the future may hold for them.
But for the HDI training programes there is a support system in place where coaches provide assistance and guidance to the participants to help them reach their set goals and then certificates are issued upon completion of a certain level.
In relation to rehabilitation purposes and Keko’s work together with his staff this has definitely given them a sigh of relief.
They have witnessed how inmates’ mindsets have been transformed from taking each day as it comes to looking forward to the future with big plans in mind.
The HDI training programmes have really shown them the light to the pathway to a sustainable future with their families and the communities they will be going back to.
This partnership with HDI has definitely given them a new perspective and new line of activity. Keko is grateful to be in a position where he is able to be part of this life changing journey with the inmates and his officers.
He admits it is definitely out of their comfort zone to the usual training programmes facilitated under CS. He is in a way bending the rules to accommodate for the massive changes that come with these training programmes HDI is providing as raising money is not a norm in our prison systems.
But for these training programmes we have to make allowance for the participants to play around with money in order for them to practically understand the use and the need and how best they can fully utilise any amount of money that may be available to them together with the resources.
It really is breaking new grounds to improve and also for the betterment of the parties involved although he knows it is going to be a challenging journey all through.
The Game of Money training is real because the players are actually playing the game and in a way it gives them a sense of responsibility and as time goes by it becomes a part of their lives until they leave the prison and apply it to their lives later.
This partnership and the training are beyond the CS policy framework but the commander sees this as an intervention and it is about time we knowingly take a step in the light and give hope back to our people. This is the start to mark the journey of becoming financially independent and self-reliant.
For the CS he knows it is slowly and gradually opening up their minds to see things in a different, more practical perspective.
We at HDI also thank CS HQ for allowing HDI’s training programmes to start and continue in support of the commander’s said intervention for the CS prison system.
With the model being Bomana right now plans are underway to bring this out to all the other prisons in the country and all the communities that are in dire need of these training programmes to be rolled out in all corners of PNG.
In order for Papua New Guineans to become healthy, wealthy, financially independent and self-reliant as mentioned in PNG’s Vision 2050, HDI’s training programmes are the only way forward.
We have already witnessed the massive difference they can make in an inmate’s life. It can make that same difference for the rest of PNG once every one takes ownership of their lives and join us in this journey into making PNG a healthy, wealthy, financially independent and self-reliant nation for the world to see.

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