Comments laughable: Port Moresby police chief

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The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 ADRIAN Lam’s comment that the  Kumuls “might win” the last Group B fixture against New Zealand has not gone done well with NCD Metropolitan Commander Andy Bawa. 

“It’s laughable and it’s a joke,” Bawa said.

“How can we beat New Zealand. They are the current cup holders. 

“They beat Australia to get that cup. If we didn’t stand a chance with ‘small’ teams like Samoa than what chance do we have against New Zealand. We can’t even win the Priome Minister’s XIII game while Samoa is a recent rugby league nation. PNG has been in the league since 1949 and yet we can’t win a game.” 

“When Adrian Lam was the coach we didn’t win a game in the last World Cup in 2008.”

“It’s a total mockery. Lam should resign in shame.” 

Bawa said the country had high expectations after Mal Meninga was hired as a high performance trainer for the Kumuls and for them to come without a win was not good. 

“Forget the warm-up match. Lam’s record as coach speaks for itself. Michael Marum is a good coach. Why not put him in. 

On a lighter note, Bawa said he would pay Lam A$1,000 (K1980) if the Kumuls could pull of a miracle and beat New Zealand.