Commission directs clerk to provide documents


THE Commission of Inquiry into the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) loan has directed the acting Clerk of Parliament Kala Aufa to provide any documents or records that would assist the commission.
COI chairman Sir Salamo Injia told the inquiry yesterday that Aufa would have three weeks to gather all necessary documents and information to be presented on June 3.
Aufa, who made his first appearance before the commission, told The National that Parliament had all the records that were required and he and his staff would make the information available.
“I have been directed by the commission to provide all the Hansards if there were any discussions on the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) loan in 2009 and UBS loan in 2014 in Parliament,” he said.
“Any legislation that was presented in Parliament, anything to do with IPIC or UBS loans, we will go through our records and furnish that information by June 3.”
Aufa said the time required was sufficient to have the information ready.
Aufa is expected to provide a list of all the relevant documents and order of records in relation to the government’s IPC loan in 2009 and the UBS loan in 2014.
Sir Salamo said Aufa was required to collate all documents and information, including a list of witnesses that he may wish to call which had to be submitted before June 3.
“The commission would like to know if there were any form of resolution approved by Parliament.”


  • I hope persons implicated in this commission of Inquiry will be prosecuted. Not a single person has been prosecuted in previous inquiries and millions of kina wasted and the commissioners were the winners at the end at the expense of the ordinary population.

  • Can all those required to present before the inquiry come with documents required for this inquiry – its a waste of time and money having to attend one session and get told to bring in the required documents on the next hearing. The COI chairman should provide a list of the required documents to them before hand and ask them to attend with these documents – this will save time and get progress into the inquiry and money paid to those on carrying out the inquiry is actually paid for work done and not paid for attending and deferring sessions.

  • I won’t be surprised if this case drags on come 2022 general elections and if the goverment is changed, who knows maybe there won’t be any case.

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