Commission lauds MPs’ plans for youth

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The National, Friday 24th August 2012

THE National Youth Commission has welcomed initiatives by new members of parliament who publicly announced their support for youth activities and their participation in the country’s development.
Acting Youth Commissioner Norit Luio yesterday said he was encouraged to see first-time MPs like Wera Mori and Police Minister Nixon Duban outlining initiatives to ensure active youth participation in national development.
“Our country can experience real changes, especially at the community level, if leaders like Mori and Duban work alongside Youth and Community Development Minister Loujaya Toni to develop workable plans for youths.”
He said leaders should help youths to use their skills and knowledge to make positive contributions in developing their communities.
“PNG youths have the skills, knowledge, strength and desire to work hard but they needed support from leaders.
“Youths are the real agents of change, especially at the village, district and provincial levels,” Luio said.
The National Youth Commission had started working with provinces to have their provincial youth policies aligned with all government plans.
 including the medium-term development plan, medium-term development strategy and Vision 2050.