Commission to launch review

National, Normal

The National, Friday 3rd May 2013

 THE National Economic and Fiscal Commission (NEFC) will launch the provincial expenditure review for 2011 today. 

NEFC said the review back tracks the system based on the lessons learned and sharing of ideas as the country enters year five of the reform of inter-governmental financing system. 

“This is where provinces are provided additional function grants from the national government on an equalisation basis, and a journey to see basic services realised at rural areas,” the commission said in a statement.

NEFC chief executive officer Hohora Suve said this was the seventh in its series of provincial expenditure reviews. 

“The particular study shows improved spending of function grants on sectors of health, education, transport infrastructure, primary production and village court operation specifically by the less developed provinces,” he said. 

“The general trend analysis shows that most provinces are engaged and actively participating in bringing changes and re-directing resources to where it really matters in terms of basic service delivery. 

“We will be highlighting the top five performers to encourage competitive performances among provincial administrations to encourage them to commit to ensuring basic service delivery is improved. 

“Key stakeholders and donor agencies are invited to attend as they use the information as a source of data to assess government funding.”