Commission to review, merge land legislation

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

WORK is underway to incorporate the Land Title Commission Act and the National Land Commission Act.
Acting Commissioner of the National Land Commission Benedict Batata said they were reviewing the two legislations to amalgamate them.
“We are reviewing those two legislations, the Land Title Commission Act and the National Land Registration Act,” he said.
“The National Lands Commission is created by the National Land Registration Act and the Lands Title Commission is created by the Land Titles Commission Act.
“We are going through this process of merger that will rationalise manpower, funds and other such resources.”
Batata and Jackson Gah were appointed commissioners to the Land Titles Commission last December.
“It’s a quasi-judicial tribunal. We are not like a formal court, but we have our hearing like the formal courts. We have same privileges and immunities such as the judges of the National and Supreme Court,” he said.
“It’s a legal requirement for commissioners to be appointed to conduct hearings.