Commission wants to change public view

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The Ombudsman Commission (OC) wants to change the way it is perceived by the public, says Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick.
Dick, speaking during the workshop on complaints handling systems in Port Moresby yesterday, said the OC had always been seen as an investigation authority.
He said the OC had visions to work in partnership with Government departments and State agencies to support them to comply with processes and procedures to deliver services to the people.
Dick said OC wanted to make leaders and Government bodies see it in a different light.
“At the end of the day, what we want to see is actually preventing abuse of public powers and violation of standard processes and procedures,” he said.
Dick said the OC was often reported as probing into people abusing power, misusing resources, mistreating employees and
“OC cannot do everything,” he said. “What it is trying to do today is link up with State agencies.
“Through this arrangement, they can work to support each other to ensure they comply with the lawful processes, rather than OC waiting for people to report.”
Dick said when OC received reports on allegations of abuse of powers and many others, it reacted by conducting investigations – which needed to change.
“Instead of being reactive all the time, we want to take a proactive approach,” he said.
Dick said the two-day workshop was focused on how provincial administrators and Government bodies could take ownership of the vision that OC had.
This was so that they could make commitments through manpower and resources.
“They must provide manpower so that they will be the link between OC and their own organisation,” Dick said.

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