Committal court dismisses rape case

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

WAIGANI Committal Court Magistrate Cosmos Bidar dismissed a rape case on Tuesday because there was not enough evidence.
Jim Temo, from Mendi in Southern Highlands, was alleged to have had sex with a 24-year-old woman without her consent.
The woman, while being employed at the Sunset Lodge at Ela Beach in Port Moresby, was forced by Temo to have sex.
The lodge is owned by Temo’s father.
The woman worked as a hostess and it was alleged that she and others brought in clients to the lodge for a fee.
It was alleged that on Jan 23, Temo drank beer with the woman at the lodge and both agreed to have sex.
The woman wanted to know how much Temo would pay for the sex.
An argument started between them and the woman walked out of the lodge.
Bidar told the court that the issue was “how much was the defendant (Temo) willing to pay for sex.”
He said there was no medical report from police investigations to prove that the woman had been raped.
Bidar said he had heard two or three cases of similar nature from the same area and they had no medical evidence of sexual penetration.