Committee gives K30,000 for school’s repairs

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 17th November 2011

IWAI Primary School in Pomio district, East New Britain, will soon undergo maintenance work after receiving K30,000 from the Pomio joint district planning and budget priorities committee last Saturday.
The Pomio JDPBPC paid out K130,000 for infrastructure projects in the East Pomio local level government.
Acting JDPBPC chairman and president of West Pomio Mamusi LLG Dominic Kananaelu gave three cheques to the president of East Pomio LLG, Herman Yareng, in Kokopo, East New Britain.
The Seventh-Day Adventist church-run Hoiya Health Centre received K100,000 for maintenance to facilities.
The funding was made available under the education and health infrastructures components of the district services improvement programme (DSIP).
Kananaelu thanked members and presidents of LLGs in the district for approving the funds and he called on the respective establishments to ensure the funds were put to good use.
He thanked Member for Pomio and former Minister for National Planning and District development, Paul Tiensten, saying decisions for the allocations of funds under DSIP were made under the chairmanship of the MP and he was only implementing them.
He said he was working closely with the district administration to ensure all the projects and decisions approved by the JDP and BPC were implemented so that the process of services delivery continued in the district.
K250, 000 was presented to the Gazelle Restoration Authority last week and earmarked for maintenance work at the Sivauna Health Centre.
The funding was part of the JDP and BPC counterpart component and will top up K500,000 allocated to GRA under the health services improvement programme for maintenance works at the facility.