Committee setup to develop women’s business agenda


A STEERING committee has been appointed to develop a women’s business agenda in the country, according to the PNG Business Advocacy Network (Ban).
The seven-member committee represents organisations in the technical sector and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).
The goal is to enhance the opportunities available for women in business and provide a more inclusive representation of their economic interests through advocacy.
It begin research and consultation with private sector stakeholders on priority policies which bolster women’s economic engagement.
Centre for International Private Enterprise has strengthened indigenous voices for women in business reform and lowered barriers in more than 60 countries.
It is assisting the Ban steering committee by offering guidance and best practices on the business agenda process.
Committee chairperson Susil Nelson Kongoi said the areas to cover included “removing barriers for women’s participations in decision-making, having women represented at the highest levels”.
Committee secretary Bronwyn Kili said women and youths should be included in discussions on development and sustainability.
An official also said it was important that “people with disabilities have a voice at the decision-making level no matter what sector they work in”.