Commodity boards, agencies, DAL must cooperate


The Vice Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Henry Ame, has called on the agricultural commodity boards, agencies and the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to work as a team in promoting
the agriculture sector.
He challenged all of them to combine their efforts and work together to move agriculture to a higher level.
Ame, speaking at a budget briefing this week, said there will always be obstacles and difficulties, however, everyone must put their heads together to overcome these and take on the challenges in developing the sector.
Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Benny Alan, had called for the briefing but he had to travel to the highlands with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Ame, who stood in for Allan, said 2018 was going to be a tough year, but he had trust and belief in the chief executives of the commodity boards and agencies and senior staff of DAL to work in partnership and to do better in delivering agricultural services to the people.
“The Government has focused on agriculture in 2018 and the onus is on the heads and management of the boards and agencies and department to work together as a team and to deliver and grow the economy, he said.
“I have trust and belief in you to take the lead in developing the sector, you must work in partnership to achieve your goals, we can do better in developing agriculture.”
Since the Government is giving priority to agriculture, the expectation is that the commodity boards, agencies and department must play their part in implementing the strategies to move the sector to another level.
DAL Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava also announced that plans were being made for an agriculture sector dedication service to be held next Thursday.

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