Communication is vital for development

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

I WAS listening to the FM100 talk back show the other day and was really touched by the sentiments expressed by a mother who had to struggle up the mountains in Goilala everyday.
For far too long these mothers have been silent in voicing their opinions as there was no means of effective communication to and from Goilala.
Whilst these mothers and everyone else face the same development dilemmas everyday, there has been no way they could have voiced them until Telikom PNG and Tolukuma gold mine installed a CDMA base station there.
It was indeed touching when I heard for the first time that the people of Goilala can now have their views expressed over the phone and broadcasted for our MPs to take note and address.
It is really sad that after 36 years of independence, we still have not seen any improvement in vital services such as health, education, agriculture and farming.
Communication, I believe, is important for progress and I want to salute Telikom PNG and Tolukuma gold mine for bringing this affordable service to my people.
This service is doing wonders to my fellow Goilalas and I believe it will facilitate many of the development issues in the district.


John Rowe
Port Moresby